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Dr. Owen Brown Jr.

M.A., Jazz Performance

Certified Naturopathic Specialist

Enzyme Therapy Specialist 

Martial Arts and Movement Instructor

Massage Therapist

The Vocal Scientist

Dr. Owen Brown Jr., a.k.a. The Vocal Scientist, is on a mission to refine your musical awareness and performance. A celebrated voice teacher, voice coach, vocal therapist, naturopath, and musician, Dr. Owen Brown Jr. has been profiled and featured on BET, VH1, MTV and has hosted his own Music and Health oriented talk show, "The Renaissance Show”, on Comcast. With advanced degrees in Jazz Performance and Natural Medicine, his teaching style is focused, creative, aggressive, analytical, and driven by client-set goals.


A vocal technique revisionist, Dr. Brown has rewritten the traditional vocal technical manual and simplified the process of developing vocal excellence. Key focus areas include: mastering difficult musical phrases, stylistic performance, recording assistance, tour preparation, improvisation and intonation. Dr. Brown specializes in improving volume issues, diction, fitness, nutrition, and vocal health challenges including sore throats, vocal nodules, vocal changes due to routine and atypical physical changes, overuse injuries and more.


Dr. Brown has set an industry standard for over 25 years that has taken clients from local festivals to the Grammys, from regional tours to international fame. 

Those Who've Used the Vocal Scientist Services... Are You Next?


Aries (Mama's Boy Records)

Alex Young (Anaka )

Bethlehem Roberson 

Bill Jolly

Boyz to Men

Charisa Rouse "the Violin Diva"


Chic (Folami)

Cindy Cooper

City High

Curtis Chambers

Cynthia Holiday 

Daryl Anthony (Az Yet)

Dave Hollister

Earth, Wind and Fire 

Eli Costello

Farnesworth Bentley 

Gabriel Tesfa Guma (Lauren Hill)

George Clinton 

Glen Jones

Heshima Moja

Jill Scott (Hidden Beach)

Kindred (Hidden Beach)

Latrese Jones

Lil Kim (Queen Bee Records)


Lydia Harris

Lydia Robinson

Mario (J Records)

Mary J Blige (MCA)


Olivia (Interscope)

Phylicia Rashaad

Platinum Studios

Regina Le Faye


Svetlana Grinberg 

Teddy Pendergrass 

Tekeytha Fullwood

The Blue Notes

The D.O.C. (T. Curry)

The Jazz Fatnastees

The Lion King (Imani Dia Smith)

Toni Terry

Tyra Juliette

Wendy Simon 



Zarina Reed

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