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Dr. Brown's "Save My Throat" GOLD Formula provides faster acting relief than the standard formula for sore and tired vocal muscles and related tissues.  The intensity of the GOLD FORMULA  takes your recovery up a notch!  This formula has a higher mucilaginous herb content and is perfect for those who need immediately relief when it counts!  A concert fatigue preventative when taken before hoarseness begins and before professional vocal usage.


No ingestion required.  Expectorant.  Simply gargle or rinse for 1 minute and discard.  No preservatives, dyes or coloring agents. 


Available only in the 16 oz. bottle

SMT "GOLD" Formula

  • A proprietary herbal blend of Slippery Elm, Verbascum, Marshmallow, Tumeric, Ginger, Ginkgo Biloba, Fennel, Other plant products


    Filtered Water


    100% Vegan


     No preservatives

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