Happy New Year!

This last year has been trying and challenging for most of us! But we made it! We have another opportunity to make it a great year!

We are working on new programs, new products and new content to enhance your vocal health and performance life. So stay tuned! 🦋

Your Voice is an amazing instrument that relies on your body and health. When your body is Happy and Healthy, so is your Voice.👍🏽

So if your body is healthy enough to exercise and your ready to dive in... Let’s Go!

Pre- performance warm up!

1. Arm Swings - 30 seconds forward and 30 seconds backward. 2. Toe Raises - 30 seconds 3. Light Jog in place - 30 seconds 4. Lip Sync - Talk through your performance material and pay attention to your diction. 5. Dance - 1 minute

Have a Great Show!