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Save My Throat


Formulated by a Naturopathic Vocal Professional who's trained A-List recording artists for over 20 years.

Once available only to the music industry elite.
NOW available to singers, actors and professional speakers everywhere!


  • Made with a proprietary blend of organically grown herbs intensified through a proprietary process

  • Synergistically balanced

  • Increases circulation to the throat issues

  • Reduces inflammation to the vocal and throat tissues

  • Clears mucous and phlegm

  • Aids in fluid and expressive singing

  • Potent! A little goes a long way!

  • Fast acting (as quick as one minute relief)

  • Get those high and low notes BACK!

Created by Dr. Owen Brown Jr., The Vocal Scientist,
a renowned Holistic Voice Teacher, Coach and Voice Therapist
  • SMT Formula provides fast acting relief for sore and tired vocal muscles and related tissues

  • A concert fatigue preventative when taken before hoarseness begins and before professional vocal usage 

  • No ingestion required! Simply gargle or rinse for 1 minute and spit!

  • No preservatives, dyes or coloring agents

  • Convenient

  • Available in multiple sizes

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